Top 10 Apps for Staying Productive While Working Remotely

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Step into the future where working remotely is now “the new normal.” It’s flexible and free, but there are many hardships in not having a physical office space. If you’re struggling to be productive at home or if you’re finding it hard to stay organized, this list will come in handy to help remote workers stay on track, collaborate effectively, and boost your efficiency.

Trello: Organize Your Tasks and Collaborate with Other Workers

If you’re tired of creating endless lists, then Trello was made for people like you! This app is perfect for remote workers who need to organize their workload as well as work smoothly with other team members. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, and see progress all in one place through an easy-to-use interface.Having everything organized while working virtually is crucial. Remote work doesn’t have to slow things down or make things harder. With Trello – create visual workflows that make sense for your needs.

Evernote: Put All Your Thoughts in One Place

This app is like a virtual notebook that allows you to jot all your thoughts and ideas down whenever they come up. Evernote is great for those who need to efficiently keep track of their projects. You can create different notebooks for each topic or project so that everything is well-organized from the beginning. And if searching later on becomes a hassle – simply add tags to your notes! The best part about Evernote though? It syncs across all devices! So whether you’re working on your laptop or phone or tablet – say goodbye digging through piles of sticky notes!

Asana: Manage Your Projects Easier Than Ever Before

Asana truly revolutionized project management processes; especially when done remotely. If you’ve never used Asana before – don’t worry because its user-friendly interface still lets users create tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, and track progress with no difficulty. Remote workers can visualize their projects through different views such as lists or boards. This way, each individual can work in the way that they think more clearly which enhances productivity.   In addition to being easy to use, Asana also integrates  with plenty of apps like Slack or Google Drive. Many workplaces have already been using these apps for years, so it’s easy to start using Asana right away! Whether you’re working on a simple task list or planning a complex project across multiple teams – Asana has you covered. Subtasks, custom fields and dependencies give you the flexibility to manage any workflow. And with Asana’s work management platform it’s easy to keep everything organized and in one place—no more endless email chains and scattered spreadsheets.

Zoom: High-Quality Video Conferencing for Remote Meetings and Webinars

Staying connected is more important than ever in today’s remote work landscape. Zoom offers reliable quality video conferencing that works across different locations so teammates can meet face-to-face even when they’re thousands of miles apart. The platform is user-friendly and includes high-quality video and audio capabilities. You can schedule meetings with ease, share screens seamlessly, and host webinars with large audiences without a hitch.

Zoom: Video Conferencing for Large Groups

Zoom: Video Conferencing for Large Groups

When team members all work under the same roof, it’s easy to communicate with just a tap on the shoulder. But when everyone is scattered around their own living room, you need a software that can bring them together—virtually. With Zoom, even when your meeting attendees are hundreds of miles apart it can feel like everyone’s in the same room. A single “click here” link invites participants to join the conference from their desktop or mobile device. Aside from boasting an easy-to-use interface, Zoom also includes some other helpful tools. For example, its breakout rooms feature allows large groups to be split up into smaller spaces for more focused discussions before gathering as a whole again.

Security isn’t compromised either—Zoom has implemented end-to-end encryption to protect conversations and keep hackers out of your calls or webinars. “Not only is Zoom user-friendly and intuitive,” says Chris Gadek, founder of “It also allows us to securely connect with our partners and clients across continents.”

Slack: Instant Messaging for Efficient Communication

According to Forbes, leaders say meetings are the biggest time-waster in business today. So how did we fix that? We took them online! And then Slack came along and blew office communication out of the water! One click was all it took for the world to be introduced to instant messaging tailored specifically towards workplace collaboration—and we’ve been more productive ever since!

Here are a few reasons why…

Instant messaging means you get answers instantly (hence…instant messaging). Create specific channels for different projects—or about whatever topic you want!—and share files without any lag in No longer will important messages slip through the cracks either. Slack sets reminders and notifications so no colleague is ever left hanging during an important brainstorm.

And because Slack integrates with other productivity apps, working together has never been easier. Share your Google Drive files or connect with project management tools like Asana without breaking a sweat.

Emojis and gifs may seem like fluff but they promote camaraderie even when all team members are remote. Boost your team’s morale by getting productive and connected on Slack—the ultimate instant messaging platform for workplace collaboration!

Google Drive: Cloud Storage and Collaboration Tool

In the age of remote work there’s nothing more frustrating than losing an important document or running out of storage space on your computer—so it’s time to go digital!

There’s a reason Google Drive is known as one of the best cloud storage options on the market. Not only can you keep all your documents in one secure place that’s accessible from any internet-connected device—it also comes at no cost to you! (with 15 GB of free storage).

However, where it really shines is its ability to let multiple people work on the same document at once. No more endless email chains or headaches over version control—edits are made in real-time so everyone stays on the same page!

“Since we have employees in different time zones across North America and India, Google Drive has made it much easier for us to work together,” says Solomon Thimothy, president and co-founder of OneIMS, a digital marketing agency.

Other features such as commenting directly on documents cuts down on email back-and-forths while automatic saving ensures no work will ever be lost again due to a power outage or tech glitch.

On top of that, sharing files with colleagues couldn’t be simpler when already using Google apps. Set permissions and access levels tailored to each individual so they can collaborate without any barriers too.

If you’re worried about hitting your file limit, don’t be—at least not yet. Standard users get 15 GB; “work” users are given 30 GB; “enterprise” users have unlimited storage.

“Google Drive simplifies how remote workers collaborate and stay organized while boosting efficiency across projects big and small,” Thimothy says.

In today’s tech-heavy world, getting things done can feel next to impossible. There’s always some notification just waiting to pull you away from your work. But don’t worry — technology is here to save us from … technology?

Designed with the sole purpose of blocking out those pesky distractions, apps like Forest reward you with virtual trees as you stay focused on your work (tracked through the app). However, if you leave the app before your timer runs out — even if it’s just to check Twitter — then your tree dies.

As odd as this may sound at first, it can actually be an effective way to keep yourself from constantly reaching for your phone when there are more important things you should be doing.

“I try not to have my phone near me when I don’t need it,” says Nathan Armes, founder of Simply Thrifty Living. “If I’m cooking dinner or cleaning my office, Forest does a good job of separating my personal life from my professional life so I can be more productive.”

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